Twelve Global Food and Drink Trends

Twelve Global Food and Drink Trends
October 20, 2015 John McCallum

Following on from last week’s great guest article on the coming food trends in America, Food Manufacture today published the Mintel top 12 global food and drink trends.

There are some surprising and some less surprising predictions…

“In 2016, sustainability evolves from being good for the bottom line to being a necessary part of new product development for the common good.”

“With similar claims made by legitimately hand-crafted as well as mass-produced products, this proliferation – and occasional propagation – will find consumers and regulators alike seeking products with verified claims,”

The identified trends are

  1. Alternatives Everywhere
  2. Artificial: Public Enemy No. 1
  3. Eco is the New Reality
  4. From the Inside-Out
  5. For Every Body
  6. Based on a True Story
  7. e-Revolution: From Carts to Clicks
  8. Diet by DNA
  9. Good Enough to Tweet
  10. Table for One
  11. Fat Sheds Stigma
  12. Eat with Your Eyes

You can read the full article by clicking here.



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