10 Unusual Facts About Scottish Food & Drink

10 Unusual Facts About Scottish Food & Drink
October 28, 2015 John McCallum

We came across this enjoyable little diversion on the Scotsman newspaper’s website about Scottish food and drink. Here are a couple of them, you can read them all by following this link to the original article.

3. Rival bridies

The Forfar bridie is a pie steeped in Scottish tradition, but the origin of the name ‘bridie’ is the source of dispute between local producers. Saddler’s Bakery claims that the pie was named after Maggie Bridie, who distributed the pies to local farmer’s markets and thus becoming ‘bridie’s pies’. However, another theory states that the pie was named due to being a culinary treat saved for special occasions such as weddings (hence bridies), which explains the horse-shoe shape for good luck.

4. Old money Highland Coo

The famous shaggy-haired cattle with their origins in the Scottish highlands are the oldest registered breed of cow in the world, with first written records of the animal dating back to 1884. The Scottish beef industry is a huge-earner for the country also, recorded to be worth over £596 million a year.


Highland Cow


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