Food & Drink Brands Increase Traditional Media Spend

Food & Drink Brands Increase Traditional Media Spend
May 11, 2017 John McCallum

Food & drink brands have increased their spending on traditional media according to a recent report. 

It’s a reminder of how the marketing industry seems to value ‘young and new’ over everything else that commercial television is now described by almost all of us as ‘traditional’. Commercial television in the UK first broadcast in 1955 and has been a staple of entertainment, popular culture and advertising ever since. You’d need have been living in a cave not have read one of the many articles proclaiming the death of ‘traditional’ media since the introduction of the internet and digital advertising channels. Yet an article in The Grocer magazine last month provided some very interesting information.

They analysed advertising spend in the UK during 2016 and it transpired that the 10 biggest food and drink brands spent £11,700,000 more on traditional media than the year before. This is a 16% year on year rise and very much goes against what ‘experts’ have been predicting. Interestingly it increased even more among non-food brands.

It’s always interesting to see who is spending too. Both Aldi and Lidl spent more than ASDA, Sainsburys and Tesco. According to Kantar both Aldi and Lidl’s market share grew whilst ASDA, Sainsburys and Tesco fell during this period. That’s not all down to advertising of course, but it played a part.

There’s a growing feeling that digital media is effective in communicating with existing customers, but less effective attracting new customers. It’s too early to quantify whether that’s true and a lot will depend on what the brand is, who it’s trying to reach and what its message is. But it can be no coincidence that Amazon, the undisputed king of the digital generation, increased their traditional marketing spend by 92% in 2016.

We’ve been saying to clients and perspective clients for a long time that they can’t afford to ignore digital media. And they can’t, but not at the expense of everything else. TV and outdoor in particular have upped their game in recent years. Production has never been more affordable too, often a barrier for smaller advertisers in the past.

TV in particular still lends advertisers an authority no other channel can match while no amount of ad-blockers or fast forwarding can prevent you from seeing a billboard. From our perspective we hope that traditional media continues to innovate and improve.



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