How International Insight Helps Locally; Taan Worldwide

How International Insight Helps Locally; Taan Worldwide
January 15, 2017 John McCallum

International insight helps us locally through our membership of Taan Worldwide.

It’s good to have friends, life is just easier when you’ve got a network of people who you can rely on for support, help and advice. It’s no different in business. Finding real friends in business can be more difficult though, because the relationship is rarely that of equals.

Through our membership of Taan Worldwide we’ve many ‘friends’ around the world and these friends are equals. We’re not in competition with each other, unlike other marketing businesses in our own country. We’re not reliant on each other for business and we’ve no involvement in the running of each other’s businesses. This fosters an environment of openness leading to frank honesty and astonishing insight that I’ve yet to find anywhere else.

Created in 1936 Taan Worldwide is the world’s oldest, largest and most successful network of independent advertising & communications agencies. Today there are 51 member companies operating on every continent, in 32 countries and 67 cities worldwide.

It might not surprise you to learn that despite member’s cultural, linguistic and geographic differences we face similar challenges, problems and opportunities in business. In short our businesses have enormous amounts in common. It’s this commonality that leads to the insights and sometimes even ‘eureka’ moments. Listening to how a marketing business in the US addresses staff recruitment, or the services a member in Holland provides their clients or the innovative way an agency in another country is using technology can be genuinely inspiring. We meet twice a year, we hear from each other, both the good news and the bad. We hear how business challenges have arisen and how they’re being met, we hear how our industry is evolving and are reminded how marketing can be the single biggest driver of growth and change for organisations across the world.

We’re also exposed to speakers and invited guests at our meetings. Innovators, thinkers, business professionals, academics, futurists, specialists from different fields of marketing, potential suppliers and sometimes people who have a very different view to how certain things should be done, challenging you to reassess what you do and how you do it.

The other great thing about having friends is you can reach out to them when you need something. For example we’ve a client just now who is doing some business in the Gulf States and requires some information to be translated into Arabic and printed locally. We can speak directly to our friends in an agency in Dubai and they arrange this for us. I’d a call before Christmas from a client contact looking for assistance in Holland, we’ve contacted members in Poland, Singapore, China, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain and France in recent times to help a client with a question or enquiry.

As the political landscape changes so the challenges and opportunities we all face will change. Events outside of our control shape both our own business and our client’s businesses. There’s always some uncertainty in business and there’s arguably more than usual currently. As such it’s a very good time to have friends as you just never know when you’re going to need them.

If you’d like to know more about how Root & Toot can help your business, or how our friends in Taan Worldwide can, please make contact with us here.


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