Confidence Isn’t Just PR Spin

Confidence Isn’t Just PR Spin
August 27, 2015 John McCallum

The food and drink industry story in the media today has mainly focussed on the creation of 14,000 jobs. It’s an eye-catching figure. When you look a little closer though there are caveats and big ones at that. The operative word in the BBC headline is the word “could”, well quite, Root & Toot could create 14,000 new jobs in the next few years too, but it’s highly unlikely we will.

When you cut through the PR spin and any political capital trying to be gained there is one very important aspect of the report that is newsworthy; that’s confidence. That’s not spin, that’s real, there clearly is growing optimism across a number of sectors. Whether it’s misplaced or not time will tell, but it’s heartening for all of us connected to the industry to read.

You can read the article here.



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