Root & What?

Root & What?
March 24, 2015 John McCallum

Root & What?

We played about with a few names before we finally agreed on Root & Toot. We could explain how the two words have meaning we feel is important in marketing. Root for example means to ground something, it’s a base, a foundation. It’s also a life support network, providing sustenance and minerals, it brings strength and vitality to the part that’s visible. It also means to dig around, uncover something, search for something important as well as being important in maths and music. Highly appropriate we thought. Of course to Toot means to make a noise, blow a trumpet and attract attention; a fundamental of all marketing. But whilst all that is true it doesn’t really matter. It’s just a name after all.

Oh we know names are important but only at first, what’s much more important is what you associate with them once you’ve had a chance to interact with them, hear what they’ve got to say, work with them even.

We’re specialists, marketing specialists with a unique and exclusive focus on the food and drink industry. We’re experienced, we’re professional, we’re hungry and we’re creative. By focusing solely on one sector we’ve developed insights, techniques, strategies and methodologies that are effective and valuable.

We don’t claim to know your industry better than you do, just better than other marketing companies.

Our sales pitch is simple; we’d like to have a chat with you. If you like what we’ve got to say and we like what you’ve got to say we can discuss taking things further. If not no harm done, you’ll have formed your own opinion on what Root & Toot means by then too.

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