• sugar

    Sugar; What’s Your Coping Strategy?

    As the pressure on sugar use in food and drink grows so businesses and marketing must develop strategies to cope.…

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    Happy New Year…

    As we reach the end of the year we thought we’d share this little story that passed us by in…

  • Is Your Brand Closed-Bridge-Proof

    The weaker your brand the more likely your buyer is to shrug their shoulders and take an alternative, after all…

  • Does Technology Work For B2B Marketing?

    Get your marketing strategy right from the outset and you’ll never have to sell another thing in your life.

  • aside

    Beautiful Food Photography

    Not the most fashionable subjects but some beautiful food photography.

  • Marmite

    Is Waste Simply A Food Marketing Problem?

    These terms are used for a couple of reasons, usually because they are true and also because tests and experience…

  • aside

    10 Unusual Facts About Scottish Food & Drink

    We came across this enjoyable little diversion on the Scotsman newspaper’s website about Scottish food and drink.

  • aside

    Twelve Global Food and Drink Trends

    Following on from last week’s great guest article on the coming food trends in America, Food Manufacture today published the…

  • Innovation Around Food is an American Tale

    What are the emerging food trends in America? Here are 10 of them and a fascinating insight into why America…

  • Neuromarketing

    Food, the Brain and Neuromarketing

    Recently Neuro-based research using fMRI, MRI, PET, EEG scans and tests has helped us better understand the biological basis for…